thank you ;’)
Thank you for my reading and allowing me to understand that the spirits are aware that the decision/s i have made have been because of love and setting people free. they have been hard and the reaction was misunderstanding, but it was because of peace that was needed. the future is mine now and i must remember to do things from the heart as i am aware. thank you for showing me the path – i got a little lost i feel a little more found haha

Mr P
Spot on. Thanks….XX

Told me what I wanted to hear. And that I have developed more and are moving on.
The reading was a spiritual reading to do with the reasons of being hear and who I am.

We will have to wait and see.
, user_11613640

She was very understanding and understood my circumstances. She is very good

Thanks for helping me to remember who I am and how life on Earth really works

a very helpful and encouraging reading

A TRUE reading, very helpful and encouraging on all levels. mind, body and soul . A LOVELY CONNECTION for the entire time we shared .Very kind .A Truly wonderfully gifted lightworker and spirited being. Thankyou Earthangel xxx

Honest, truthful
A true reader is one who tells you the honest truth without caring how you would feel….and I have to say that about Earth Angel, what I was told today hurt me, but it was a clarification of what I was feeling…..she did no wrong. I value her reading and hope that I can find light going forward Thank you

Lovely lovely
Earth Angel was truthful and genuine and got situation right!

Solid reader
I don’t think she gave false hope, read me clearly. She gave me insight without asking any leading questions.
She is very sweet to talk to. I definitely recommend her.

Super reading, thank you and just what I needed to hear. God Bless.

Very good reading
I’d recommend her xxxx

Fantastic reader
Got straight to the point very quickly, knew the situation, gave me some strong, solid predictions.
felt she was very spiritually intuned and very kind. Will definitely be calling her again.

Very Very Good
I said nothing at the beginning of the call apart from my name and the area of interest and Earth Angel immediately went into my situation like she knew me already. She gave a prediction and time will tell but a very lovely reading. Thank you!