Spiritualism is not as is commonly believed, a sinister cult meeting in darkened rooms, “to call up the dead”, but an officially recognized religious movement with its own churches and ministers, who possess the same rights and privileges as other religions.
Spiritualism is in itself a religion in that it embodies the main ideas of all religions that there is life after death, immortality and the existence of a God.
The difference between spiritualism and other religions is the ability through mediumship to prove that man survives the grave; that is to say certain people called mediums are able to communicate with those who have passed over, thus furnishing conclusive evidence of their continued existence in an other world. Mediums cannot call up these people as one would on a telephone; they come to us, but only when they are ready, willing and able to do so.
The philosophy of Spiritualism is based on 7 fundamental principles (with liberty of interpretation)
1. The Fatherhood of God
2. The Brotherhood of man
3. The Communion of Spirits and the ministry of angels
4. The continuous existence of the human soul
5. Personal responsibility
6. Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth
7. Eternal progress open to every soul
Spiritualists are often accused of being atheists or anti Christian, yet our first principle recognizes God as our Father – but who is God? We do not regard him as a nebulous person sitting on a throne, but an infinite power embodied in all that is good and beautiful in our world, the greatest factor in the universe and the controlling force of all nature.
One of the great forces of Spiritualism is healing the sick, either by personal contact – “the laying of the hands” – or through absent healing, in which patients are treated often at great distances, by the sending out of healing thoughts and prayers.
No healer can guarantee a cure, but at least can alleviate suffering and possibly effect a complete cure.
I and many healers have proved this to be the case.