Why does colour play an important role in our health today? The answer is simple – it starts at the beginning of time with the sun. The sun’s rays are broken down through a prism and give us the individual colours, the rainbow, which in turn can be measured for their frequency.
The aura is the electro magnetic field that surrounds the body, made up of processes, which can be trans-coded into colour. A trained colour health practitioner will draw the aura of the person or animal, which can then be analysed to find the blockages and a suggested health programme can be given.
The client self-selects colours from the Aurora Borealis collection, a set of 49 pyramid shaped bottles with single and dual coloured liquids. The Colour Health Practitioner will locate the root cause of the disharmony (des-ease) on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Look around you – everything in life is colour – it surrounds us. Nature is colour, and colour is nature.